Wi-Fi Installations Services

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi InstallationsIn human terms: Wi-Fi is an radio signal transmitting data from one point (Your Laptop) to another point (Your Router) replacing the need for a physical cable. But It can be limited in terms of Speed, Range, Connectivity and reliability.

Wi-Fi is becoming more reliable and stable for Home and office use. But the market is flooded with low-end Wi-Fi products. These products although cost effective can damage your companies network in terms of Network Reliability and Data Integrity.

We supply advanced Wi-Fi Installations Services to Home and Offices, bog or small. We only install TOP of the range Wireless equipment and always give the client multiple options.

For a point to point wireless installation click here

We also do advanced site survey’s where we test your current wireless setup for Interferences, Channels Used, Roaming, Security, Power Outputs etc. so we can accurately quote for a solution.

Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Services:

  • Basic Wi-Fi setup for Home/Office – Connect any Device at any time, any where!
  • Repeater/Extender installations for Home/Office – Extend your Wi-Fi Range to where you need it!
  • Long Distance Wireless installations/support – Extend your Wi-Fi range to where your clients/visitors are (Pool Area)
  • Peer to Peer Wireless installations/support – Connect one office building to the other!
  • WDS Bridge Wireless installations/support – Enable a large area with Wi-Fi Access
  • MikroTik (**High performance routers and Wireless ISP systems) Wireless installations/support
  • Managed Wireless Services
  • Wireless Hot Spots (Wi-Fi Host Spots) – Sell data to your visitors/Clients
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