Network Cabling

Network Cabling

What is Network Cabling and Structured Cabling?

In any home or office environment where there is communication between devices (Data Transfer) like Laptops, Desktops, Printers etc. you need a back-bone for communication. This is where network cabling or structured cabling comes in. It’s the physical wire (Lan Cable) connecting your device(s) to the internal network allowing the devices to communicate with each other and also browse the world wide web.Any home or office networks need a fast and reliable Back-Bone.

We specialize in Design, Upgrading and Maintenance of network cabling and structured cabling. We will take on any project regardless of the size, put us to the test, we dare you!

We supply and install all types of Network Cabling like UTP, FTP and STP. What’s the difference between UTP, FTP and STP network Cable?

  • UTP – Unshielded Twisted Pair Network Cable, Used most of the time, great for Office and Home use.
  • FTP – Foil Twisted Pair Network Cable
  • STP (High Protection)Shielded Twisted Pair Network Cable mostly used when running network cabling close to High Voltage Cables. The Shielded part of the cable protects your data against EMI (Electromagnetic interference)

With this said no Network Cable should run in parallel with any High Voltage cables.

We take care of the planning, designing and installation of your network whether it’s a new installation, upgrade or just adding a new network point to your existing network.

We also provide other hardware like Switches, Cabinets, Patch Panels etc.

As a Network Cabling Company we also support other IT and Cabling companies with their Client Network Cabling on a sub-contracting basis.

Network Cabling Services:

  • New Network Cabling Installations
  • New Network Cabling Installations (NO Termination)
  • Network Cabling for Call Centers
  • Network Cabling for Data Centers
  • Network Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Network Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Network Cabling Upgrades
  • Server Room Renovations and cleaning
  • Office Relocation – Installation of New Office Network Points/Data Points

Voice Cabling Services:

  • New Voice Cabling Installations
  • New Voice Cabling Installations (NO Termination)
  • Voice Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Voice Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Voice Cabling Upgrades
  • Server Room Renovations and cleaning
  • Office Relocation – Installation of New Office Voice Cabling

Analogue Telephone Cabling Services:

  • New Telephone Cabling Installations
  • New Telephone Cabling Installations (NO Termination)
  • Telephone Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Telephone Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Telephone Cable Upgrades
  • Server Room Renovations and cleaning
  • Office Relocation – Installation of New Office Telephone Cabling
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