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Do you need Structured Cabling / Network Cabling?

Structured CablingThe Back-Bone of your company’s network comes down to the quality of the network cabling or structured cabling. Your network should be up 99.9% of the time. Where the 0.1% is when someone rolls over a network cable with a chair or someone plugs out the wrong cable. Network issues should never come as a result of faulty network cabling or structured cabling.

As a structured cabling company we guarantee our workmanship and give a 15YEAR Guarantee on our networking cabling (Cables, Connectors, wall boxes).

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Network Point Prices:

Cat5e Per point Price: R450

Cat5e network point includes 40m cable run, Surface mount box, fly lead, patch lead, testing and labeling

Cat6 Per point Price: R550

Cat6 network point includes 40m cable run, Surface mount box, fly lead, patch lead, testing and labeling

Home and Office Networking

The price per network point might differ from home to office. Home installations are usually more difficult and time consuming to run network points thus there might be additional costs.

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Network Installation
Structured CablingStructured Cabling

Network Installation Tips:

With any Network Installation and Network Cabling there is a few aspects that determines a successful Network Installation.

First is the Cable, we only use 100% solid copper cable. Secondly the way the cable is handled during the installation.

Thirdly is the Quality of the hardware used like Patch Panels, Wall Boxes etc.

The last step is to make sure to TEST all the Network Points and LABEL them accordingly.

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